One for All,
All For One

About International Children's Day

Children’s Day — November 20 — was voted in 1954 by the UN as the official day of celebration for children globally to bring attention to Children’s Rights.

Somehow it was never properly celebrated over the years for one reason or another. But together we can make Children’s Day a world-changing platform.

An Opportunity to seize

We now have the opportunity to build a platform for children all year round where we can share their greatest ideas, innovation, dreams, stories as well as an awareness of Children’s Rights for Children at risk. This includes the ongoing crises of hunger, poverty, and mental health challenges that children face all over the world.

November 20th is an annual day where we focus on “one for all, all for one” and we will continue to build into the annual celebration for all Children.

This year we’re launching the Children’s Hour annual campaign. 

The Children’s Hour campaign aims to chip away at the world’s biggest problems that keep children from being able to reach their dreams — poverty, conflict, food insecurity, the equality of young girls and women, the protection of Indigenous communities, and the global mental health crisis. The Children’s Hour invites everyone to chip in just one hour of their annual income once a year to support the well-being of at-risk children worldwide.

In three years, together, we can make Children’s Day and the Children’s Hour campaign the greatest platform to celebrate children as they are, free from pressure and inhibition, full of dreams and potential. It will be a platform that can remind the world that children aren’t just our future — they are our present.


Children's Day Leadership

Daniel Germain — Leader of International Children’s Day

Daniel Germain, CM CQ MSM, is a social visionary and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to helping underprivileged children. Germain is the Founder of the Breakfast Club of Canada, a charity that promotes and assists the establishment and maintenance of school breakfast programs in Canada. After growing up in a disadvantaged neighborhood, he went on humanitarian trips abroad and returned to Canada with the dream of breaking the circle of poverty. With the goal of helping children who were deprived of a vital element for their academic and social success – a nutritious breakfast – he founded the Quebec Breakfast Club. In 2005, the Quebec Breakfast Club was recognized by the United Nations as one of the best school meal programs in the world. Germain then founded Breakfast Clubs of Canada, launched an international co-operation project for young people in Quebec, and established the Montreal Millennium Summit – an international forum that puts forward ideas and projects related to the well-being of children in the world.

Daniel has received numerous awards for his body of work, including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Quebec YMCA Peace Medal for his commitment to youth. He is a Member of the Order of Canada, serves on the Order of Canada Selection, and is a Knight of the Ordre national du Québec. Daniel is the Leader of International Children’s Day and Founder of The Children’s Day Foundation.

Board of Directors

Bob Rennie

Art Collector and Real Estate Marketer and founder of Rennie, one of Vancouver’s largest Real Estate marketing firms

Al Hildebrandt

Founder and CEO of Impact UPStream Ventures and several Canadian IT sector companies

Rafael Flor

Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Christian Travaglini MSC

Private Banking | Wealth Management | Mirabaud Group

Daniel Germain

Founder of the Children’s Hour Foundation & Breakfast Club of Canada

Advisory Board

Arlene Mitchell

Executive Director, Global Child Nutrition Foundation

Maria Cortes-Puch

Vice President at UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Phil Fontaine

Indigenous Canadian Leader and former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations

Daniel Balaban

Director and Representative at United Nations – World Food Programme

Rafael Flor

Senior Program Officer, & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Children's Hour Foundation

The Children’s Hour Foundation is a registered international charity under the Canadian Income Tax Act. 
Registration Number: 7593 8542 RR0001

Every child has the right to health, education and protection, and every society has a stake in expanding children’s opportunities in life. However, globally millions of children are denied a far chance. One out of 6 children around the world suffer extreme poverty.

Proceeds raised during Children’s Day will be distributed through the Children’s Hour Foundation to select organizations that are tackling the world’s biggest problems that keep children from being able to dream:


This year’s key focus of aid will be distributed to non-governmental organizations that help children-at-risk in conflict zones.



After years of significant progress in reducing hunger, the pandemic, conflicts, and climate change are causing the world and millions of children to experience devastating increases in hunger. We will support agencies with far reaching influence while identifying and supporting incredible emerging NGOs.



Food insecurity and high food prices due to climate change and conflicts around the world are driving the unacceptable increases in hunger. We will support organizations fighting food insecurity alongside global leaders of SDGs — while identifying and supporting NGOs.


Girls are often the first victims of hunger and injustice. We will support existing organizations doing good work on behalf of girls and young women as well as NGOs.



4 in 10 Indigenous children live in poverty. We will support local and national NGOs and communities working to reduce the poverty and hunger suffered by Indigenous children.



More than ever, young children and teenagers are dealing with mental health problems. We will support organizations leading efforts to address the crisis of mental health for children and identify and support local and national emerging NGOs in this field.